Our Assembly Department is very capable of making complex and precision mechanical assemblies. These articles range from Military Printers to Tuner Assy. for use in Micro-wave applications and many more.

Each assembled part undergoes a thorough final inspection prior to shipment and it is tested for all mechanical functions for which it was intended and designed. The items shown here are samples of parts and components which we manufacture.



Our precision machining is a production-oriented operation which is comprised of 15 C.N.C. Milling and 6 C.N.C Turning centers controlled by a fully computerized network.  The production center is upgraded systematically by incorporating the latest advancements offered by the equipment manufacturers. This never ending process ensures our readiness to meet the ongoing challenges of our industry.

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Production Management consists of a highly skilled team with an impressive average experience factor of more than three decades. Fixture and tooling are made in house by our fully equipped support division to insure strict control and compliance with the requirements at hand. The heart of any C.N.C. manufacturing is in the programming and planning. Our experienced programmers are using the most advanced system of computer hardware and software. In fact our planning and production control software’s were custom designed and made specifically to meet our own high standard of production.

Our capability is quite diverse and unique. Radar Chassis, Propulsion, Explosive Bolts, Pyrotechnic Components, Machining of Cast Surfaces, Dental and Medical Instruments, Rocket Motor Components and Initiators, Ballistic Power Devices, and Walt Disney's Animation Parts represent a cross section of our expertise. We would very much like to put our expertise and potential to work for you.